Patent Registration

Patent Registration


As MESLEK PATENT, our services related to patent registrations are listed below.

Is my invention previously patented?

I have an invention, I want to take a patent, but I want to do a search before applying for a patent. I would like to know if this patent has already been registered in the world.

As MESLEK PATENT, we would like you to prepare a draft document that briefly describes your invention and especially shows the inventive points. Based on this paper, we do search primarily on worldwide patent databases, scientific article databases and other electronic media. At the end of this search, we present the patent documents, scientific articles and similar documents as a report.[...]

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We started to work for the manufacture of a new product in Turkey, but we want to learn if a foreign or a domestic company owns a patent in this field.

I want to start manufacturing a new product in Turkey. I would like to know if a local or foreign company has a patent for this product.

Answer: We request a drafted document that describes this product in detail from your side. Then, we conduct a patent search and transmit the relevant patent descriptions to you.[...]

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I want to protect my invention in Turkey and in the countries of the world I choose

Reply: We ask you for a detailed technical document describing your invention. Based on the information in this document and our patent searches, we create a patent specification. This patent specification consists of the description, the claims, the drawings and the abstract. After exchanging ideas with the inventor, we prepare the final version of the patent specification and submit the patent file to the relevant authorities.

We provide the necessary services for 1-APPLICATION, 2-SEARCH, 3- EXAMINATION processes, to our customers.[...]

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I want to transfer my patent to someone else, in exchange for a payment.

A Transfer Agreement must be prepared for the full or partial transfer of the patent right to another person and this must be approved by the notary public. This transfer contract and related fees must be submitted to the Turkish Patent Office. In this process, we serve our customers with the preparation of patent transfer agreement, notarization approval and delivery to Turkish Patent Office.[...]

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Protech Teknoloji Danismanlik Ltd. Co, established in 2007 to provide services in the field of patent, trademark and design registrations, with its intellectual property experts, provides consultancy services to its customers, regarding the patent registrations for the inventions created in Turkey, industrial design registrations for the original designs revealed, and trademark registrations for the product names, company names while adhering to the strict, professional, fast service and reasonable price policies.