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Trademark Registration Classes

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Please select the classes you will use in trademark registration from the summary list below. If you would like to receive expert assistance in determining your classes, please contact us at 0216 553 22 23.




What Is A Guarantee Mark?

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In the world of commerce, there has always been a need for a standardization of the quality, geographical origin, production procedures or other common characteristics of the services or products.

Some companies or organizations around the world have created a number of markings to show that various products or services are in compliance with these standards and have registered them as a guarantee mark.

The company who wishes to use this guarantee mark may apply to the owner company/organization of the guarantee mark and request the use of this guarantee mark by guaranteeing that it will comply with the requirements of common features such as quality, production procedures, geographical origin.[...]

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What should I look for when creating international brands?

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There are some principles to consider when creating a trademark you want to register abroad.

First of all, it must be phonetically compatible with the language structure of the countries in which you are registering. For example, Turkish characters such as ç, ğ, ş, ü are inconvenient to use in the trademark. So the first rule can be summarized as "Don't use Turkish characters!".[...]

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What is a trademark, what are the signs that can be protected as trademark?

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Trademarks are the marks that distinguish goods or services produced or provided by an enterprise from the goods or services of the other enterprise.

  • What signs can be registered as trademarks?
  • Words
  • Combination of Letters
  • Numbers
  • Combination of Numbers and Letters
  • Drawings, pictures, shapes, logos
  • Advertising slogans

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What is a Collective Mark?

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Members of an association or cooperative may use a collective mark to market their products.

In this use, the members are obliged to comply with the conditions such as quality standards, geographical origin laid down by the association or the cooperative.

For example, members of a co-operative of olive producers may use a common brand for the olive they sell.[...]

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What is a Service Mark?

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A service mark is used to differentiate the services of a commercial enterprise from the services of another business enterprise.

These services can be of all sorts, for example financial services, banking, travel agency, advertising services are a few examples of such services.[...]

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