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Saudi Arabia Trademark Registration

Saudi Arabia Trademark Registration

For trademark registration in Saudi Arabia, it is appropriate to follow the steps below.

Saudi Arabia Trademark Registration Steps

1. Doing a trademark search in trademark registration database of Saudi Arabia

First, we recommend a trademark similarity search in the Saudi Arabian official trademark registration database. If a trademark application is made without a trademark similarity investigation, the costs for application will be wasted in case the trademark application is rejected due to similarity. Since Saudi Arabia's electronic trademark databases are organized in Arabic alphabet, this search should be done by a patent company based in Saudi Arabia. At the end of this search, if some trademark(s) similar to the trademark we want to register are found, the risk of making an application is predicted by the patent attorney and notified to the applicant. If a similar mark was not found at the end of the search, we may proceed to other steps for trademark registration.

2. Finding the classes of products and / or services to be registered

Saudi Arabia uses the Nice classification in the classification of goods and/or services in trademark registration. In this sense, the patent attorney determines the classes of the products and/or services which are reported by the trademark owner. Thus, the patent attorney notifies the owner of the trademark in which classes the trademark application can be made. You can find the Nice classification of the products and services list of the trademarks by WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization from the link below.  

3. Determining which trademark classes will be used in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, trademark registration is made separately for each class. If you have 4 class trademark which is registered in Turkey for class 20 in furniture products, for class 25 in clothing, textile products and for classes 29 and 30 in the food products, then you should make 4 separate trademark applications in Saudi Arabia for the same trademark. In this case, in order to reduce the total cost in the cost calculation, it will be the right choice to limit the classes you will use in trademark registration and to choose the product class or classes that are most important for Saudi Arabia.

It is important to note that the registration of alcoholic beverages and pork-related products in Saudi Arabia is prohibited in the trademark goods list. Aware of this situation, the list of goods services should be arranged accordingly.

4. Calculation of total trademark registration cost

As mentioned earlier, a separate trademark application is made for each trademark class in Saudi Arabia. In this case, it would be enough to say trademark registration cost per class. In Saudi Arabia, the trademark registration cost per one class is in the range of 3000-3500 USD. If you have 3 different classes in your company's trademark and you want to register all classes, we can calculate the cost by multiplying this number by 3.

5. Preparation of necessary documents and information

Required documents: 1) Power of attorney, 2) Electronic image file of the trademark logo (if any), 3) Information of the trademark applicant: If the applicant is a person, name-surname address, phone e-mail information. If the applicant is a company, company name address phone email information. 4) Payment of official fees. The most important point here is that the power of attorney of the applicant should be notarized and apostilled by the Saudi consulate.

6. Delivery of the documents to the official institution and follow-up of the registration procedures

The documents, required information are delivered to the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, which is the official institution responsible for trademark registration in Saudi Arabia, and official fees are paid. After the application, review and publication processes, the decision of acceptance or rejection of the trademark comes. Upon completion of all proceedings, the applicant may receive the Trademark Registration Certificate in approximately 10-12 months when the result is positive.

7. Protection period of the trademark registration

The protection period of trademark registration in Saudi Arabia is 10 years as in other countries. However, there is a special case for Saudi Arabia. This is calculated as 10 hijri years and corresponds to 9 years and 8 months in gregorian calendar. It is necessary to pay attention to this period especially in the renewal process. Otherwise, the renewal period may be missed and the trademark may be expired.



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