What is a utility model and what are its benefits?

January 01 2018 Utility Model
The utility model registration system carries great similarities with the patent registration. Th...

What is Priority Right and What are the benefits of the priority right to the inventor?

January 02 2018 Patent
The priority right is an intellectual property right stemmed from a prior application. In other w...

Which subjects and inventions cannot be patented?

January 01 2018 Patent
Medical treatment, surgical and diagnostic procedures Literary works, works of a...

What are the criteria for an invention to obtain a patent?

January 02 2018 Patent
In order to grant a patent to an invention, it must have the following characteristics: ...

What does a company gain from acquiring patents?

December 29 2017 Patent
Companies must be inventive and even be able to access and use other...

What is the Difference Between Patent and Utility Model?

December 29 2017 Patent
An invention should have 3 key features in order to obtain a patent: NOVELTY,...

Financial support for patent registration

December 30 2017 Patent
Some official institutions in Turkey give financial support to the p...

Patent Query

December 29 2017 Patent
Patent query is making searches on patent databases such as espacenet, US patent ...

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