What Is A Patent?

What Is A Patent?

Patent is a right granted by the state for inventions. The most fundamental characteristic of this right is that it is an exclusive right. The meaning of the monopoly right is that the patent owner has some rights that are only in his monopoly. For example, in this way, nobody can produce, use, propose, sell or import the product of the invention without the permission of the patent owner.


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 What are the main features of the patentable inventions?
Buluş Özellikleri

The invention should be first of all new. Secondly, the invention should have an inventive step. Finally, the invention should be applicable to industry. The most confused issue here is the difference between novelty and inventive step.

A false opinion was formed in the society as if everything new can be patentable. However, the situation is not as it seems. Before clarifying this situation, let us make a statement:



The secret of whether or not an invention can obtain a patent arises from the complete understanding of this sentence. Well, how do we find out if the product or thing we found contains an inventive step? The criterion we use for this can be explained as follows.

Each invention includes a solution to a technical problem. Every inventor is also the person who proposes a solution to such a problem. This proposed solution is an obvious solution to a person skilled in the art, and is not considered to include the inventive step and cannot obtain a patent. The criteria used can be briefly described.

Amerkan Patenti
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A US Patent (Washing Machine) registered in 1885

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