What are the Infringement Cases of Trademark Rights and Penalties to be Applied?

 a) Placing a similar trademark on the product or the packaging of the product without permission, launch of the product bearing the trademark into the market, or storage for this purpose, offer the delivery of the product, or submission of services under this trademark, import or export of the products bearing the trademark, use of the trademark in business documents and advertisements of the business.

b) imitating the trademark or the like,

c) to sell, distribute, import, or hold commercially available products that are known to carry the imitation brand,

d) expanding the use rights of the trademark owner through the license agreement or transferring it to third parties without authorization,

e) to participate in, to assist, to encourage or to facilitate the above-mentioned actions,

f) avoiding to disclose where the product bearing the imitation brand is obtained or how it is obtained

are the trademark infringemenet actions.

 3869,    27  Sep  2021 ,   Trademark
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