How is domain name inquiry and registration done?

How to query domain name?

You can do a domain query at the address below.

1-What should I do to get a COM.TR domain?

There are 2 different ways to register domain name.

Firstly, if you own a company, you can register the first word or words of your company title as COM.TR domain name by using the Trade Registry Certificate.

The second option is to register the COM.TR domain name with the official trademark application documents, which are the first documents received by applying for trademark registration.

Our suggestion, first query the domain name, and then make a trademark search if this name is availabe for trademark registration. If you make a trademark registration without domain query, then there is a risk to see that the related domain has been previously taken by someone else. So first, query the domain name, then make a trademark application, and then apply for a domain registration by using the trademark application documents.

In summary,

  1. Query the domain name,
  2. If the domain name is available, apply for trademark registration,
  3. Apply for the registration of domain name by using the trademark application documents.


We can file trademark application and COM.TR domain name at the same time

We've collected the trademark application and the COM.TR domain name application for you in a single package. The protection period of trademark registration is 10 years.The duration of the registration of the domain name varies between 1 and 5 years upon request.

You can reach us by calling 0216 553 22 23 or our live support line for our COM.TR domain name and trademark registration package.

If you wish, we will do domain inquiry and trademark search for you free of charge and share the results with you.

If you want to receive a price offer for Turkish trademark application, please fill in the form below:

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